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The Very Best Bangkok Instagram Spots

The Very Best Bangkok Instagram Spots

Being one of the most visited cities in the world, Bangkok attracts crowds of tourists, all looking for different things. No matter if you are looking for unique temples, vibrant nightlife, luxurious shopping centers, or tasty dishes, one thing is for sure – you’re going to take a lot of photos there. 
But how to find the best Bangkok Instagram spots? 

That’s not an easy task. Trust me, I’ve spent months roaming around the soi’s (small alleys), sky bridges, parks, temples, and basically everything this monster-of-a-city has to offer. I won’t lie, it was quite a memorable experience, but it was also quite exhausting. Since you probably don’t have months to explore, I compiled all Bangkok Instagram spots in this guide to help you get the most awesome pics on your IG grid.

Are you ready to embark on a visual journey around one of the most diverse and colorful cities in the world?
Let’s go!

Top Bangkok Instagram Spots – Temples

The temples are the soul of Thailand. In the past, they were in the heart of every Thai settlement. They were not only spiritual houses but also schools, hospitals, and meeting places. No wonder they are everywhere today. I managed to visit a few dozens of them before I got a severe temple-burn, so I’m pretty sure I have the best ones you should post on Instagram listed here.

Note: You may notice I skipped Wat Saket and China Town. While I love the Golden Mount and Yaowarat Road, and I strongly reccomend a visit, I don’t consider them very instagtramable.

Wat Arun


The Temple of Dawn is the most picturesque temple in town, period. Its white facade is not only stunning from the inside but also an impressive sight from afar. The main part of the temple – the central prang (Khmer-style tower) is encrusted with colorful porcelain and is being continuously refurbished to keep its blinding white color.

Photo Spots in Wat Arun
Being the most photogenic Bangkok temple, Wat Arun has plenty of tasty photo-spots. If you have a wide-angle lens (and a tripod or a photographer with you), you can take a great photo of you walking around the main tower. If you’re lucky, you may also encounter some Buddhist monks!
Another good idea is to climb the central tower to take a panoramic photo of the river area.

A popular photo of Wat Arun is one from across the river. You can take it at one of the numerous cafes and restaurants on the shore or at the parking lot of ViVi Coffee (Google Maps coordinates 13.743827, 100.491949).

An underrated photo spot is the temple’s, Ordination Hall. It has a gorgeous entry guarded by two giant demons and plenty of picturesque statues inside.


When to visit

Wat Arun opens at 8:00 AM, and this is the best time for pics. The temple may be one of the very best Bangkok Instagram spots, but if it’s swarming with tourists, you won’t be able to make a decent photo. The light is excellent, early in the morning, which is essential for an all-white building like Wat Arun.

For a photo from across the river, I suggest going on sunrise or sunset.
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Wat Benchamabophit

photo spot of the-marble-temple-in-Bangkok

Wat Benchamabophit is not among the popular temples in town, but it turned out to be a pleasant surprise. Unlike the other grand temples in Bangkok, this one does not have hordes of tourists ruining your photo.

It’s a good looking complex with a green area and a huge Buddha statue inside (that has the ashes of King Chulalongkorn buried beneath it), but its most endearing quality is the marble courtyard.

Photo Spots in Wat Benchamabophit

The best picture of Wat Benchamabophit is made inside the marble courtyard, from the opening right across the King statue (the one with the two lions).

When to visit

While it’s rare to have masses of tourists there, the light is definitely the best early in the morning. Don’t go at noon since half of the courtyard would be in the shade.

Wat Benchamabophit opens at 8:00 AM.
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Wat Pho


Wat Pho may be of the most touristic places in town but is also one of the best Bangkok Instagram spots. It’s one of the few temples in Thailand classed as first-class royal temples. It’s also known as the Temple of the Reclining Buddha due to its 46-meters long gilded Buddha statue.

Photo Spots in Wat Pho

Not that big of a surprise that the reclining Buddha is the best thing to shoot at Wat Pho. You can either take a beautiful portrait photo of his face or go further inside the hall and take a picture of his entire body. There’s a popular photo spot near his feet that always gathers a small queue of photo enthusiasts.

On the outside, you can shoot the giant royal chedis or have a cool Instagram photo of you walking around the smaller ones.

There are plenty of guardian statues around the complex, but the most picturesque ones are the two tophat gentlemen guarding the Marco Polo gate. They represent the first Western visitors to visit the East on trading missions and are great for selfies.


When to visit

Wat Pho is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Bangkok, so in order to get a great picture to post on Instagram, you need to time your visit carefully. The temple works from 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM, and it’s least crowded between 8:00-10:00 AM and 4:00-5:30 PM.
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Grand Palace

Grand Palace in Bangkok

The Grand Palace is the most significant attraction in Bangkok and one of the biggest landmarks in Thailand. It’s often said that visiting Bangkok and not seeing the Grand Palace is like visiting Paris and skipping the Eiffel Tower. It’s the City of Angles’ biggest emblem.

Wait, why is the Grand Palace listed with the temples? 
That’s because the palace is a complex of buildings, including the Temple of the Emerald Buddha. The sanctuary has a gorgeous interior, but since it’s the holiest temple in the country, it’s forbidden to take photos of it.

Thankfully there are no restrictions to shoot the other buildings in the complex. And the Grand Palace is as opulent and glorious as a King’s palace is supposed to be. Walking around it with all the gold buildings, weird guardian statues, and colorful mosaics would make you feel more like in the city of Oz than Bangkok.

Photo Spots in the Grand Palace

It’s tough to make awesome photos of the Grand Palace because the place is always full of people. The best spot is the group of buildings on the left of the temple and their giant golden chedis, mythical guardians, and elephant statues. 

Another great place is the Throne Hall. The incredible architecture blending Thai and European styles, combined with the cute trees of the Rathakit Field in front of the building, makes a beautiful Instagram pic.


When to Visit

From the time it opens (8:30 AM) till the time it closes (3:30 PM), the Grand Palace has thousands of tourists roaming around, and every single one of them is trying to get the perfect photo.

To get the complex relatively free of people, you need to arrive around 7:30 AM (to be among the first on the line) and go straight to the buildings at the left of the entry. The other option is to go there around 2:30 PM when most of the visitors would be on their way out, but be aware that the lighting at this time is among the worst possible.
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Wat Suthat 


Wat Suthat is another first-class royal temple, but it’s not as popular among sightseers as the other ones. This is excellent news for all of us looking for a great Instagram pic free of people. The temple is famous for its two colossal Buddhas (bigger than the regular large Buddhas) and the giant red swing in front of it.

Photo spots in Wat Suthat

A front picture of the main sanctuary, including the marble courtyard, is the best Instagram spot in the complex. You can also get pretty great pics inside the hall by catching the giant Buddha, the murals on the wall, and some locals praying.

Another excellent spot I found is the door between the main sanctuary courtyard and the secondary one. Position yourself on the smaller sanctuary’s side and use the door as a frame.

The red swing in front of the temple is also a popular selfie spot.


When to visit

The temple works from 8:30 AM until 9:00 PM, and as mentioned before, it’s not a popular tourist attraction. Since the crowds are no problem, your primary concern should be the light. The best light is either early in the morning or close to sunset.
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The Best Bangkok Instagram Spots – Around town

Now that we explored the most picturesque temples in town, we’re going to focus on the best photo spots in Bangkok.

Asok Skytrain Station


In a megapolis like Bangkok, many places look like the city’s center. The Asok sky train station, though, is one of the strongest candidates for that. Located inside the trendy Sukhumvit neighborhood, the station, and more so, the sky bridges that lead to the station, is the place to get a wonderfully colorful and chaotic Instagram picture.

Photo spots in Asok Skytrain Station

If you get there via sky train, continue down the bridge till you reach the crossroad between Sukhumvit Rd, Asok Montri Rd, and Ratchadapnisek Rd. Wait until there are enough cars and bikes on the Asok Montri Rd and get our awesome city photo. To make it extra tasty, try to have many taxis in your frame. Bangkok taxis are rocking all types of colors, giving your pic an extra dosage of vibrance.

When to visit

The best times for pics are the rush hours. Monday-Fri between 8:00 AM and 9:00 AM or around 6:00 PM
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Lumphini Park 

lumphini park in Bangkok

Lumphini Park (also known as Lumpini Park) is the lung of Bangkok. Huge recreational space situated in the Silom area that is perfect for a walk, exercise, picnic, or even a nap. Well, it’s perfect for a nap if you’re a local. If you’re a tourist, you may have to keep in mind that giant komodo-dragon-looking lizards are walking freely around the park. I’m not kidding, some of them are easily 3 meters long! The locals have no problem sleeping while those dinosaurs are wandering around them, but I’d get a heart attack if I wake up and have one of them next to me.

Having such creatures may be stressful for a nap, but it sure helps the park becoming one of the best Bangkok Instagram spots. If scary lizards are not your thing, there is also a large pond with very picturesque swan boats.

Photo spots in Lumphini Park

You can take a photo of the swan boat or take the picture from the boat. As for the lizards, they don’t care about people and are very easy to shoot. They are more effective as an Instagram story than a photo, though. If you’re lucky enough, you may see one of them defending its fish catch from the local crows.

You can also get a great panorama pic of Lumphini from the SO Sofitel 


When to visit

The park is open from 5:00 AM till 9:00 PM. To get a good photo, I recommend going there during the golden hour when the light is the absolute best (a golden hour is considered to be the hour after sunrise and the hour before sunset).
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Erawan Museum


I’m ashamed to admit I had to visit Bangkok three times to find this beauty. The Erawan Museum is not just one of the best Bangkok Instagram spots, but it’s a prime candidate to be the most instagramable place in town!

From the outside, the museum is like nothing else – a pink base with a 43-meters-tall, three-headed elephant statue. I promise you, when you first see it, your jaw will drop to the floor. But wait until you get inside. Pink interior with opulent staircases and colorful zodiac glass ceiling awaits there to present you the perfect photo opportunities.

Photo spots in Erawan Museum

To get a great photo of the elephant without using a drone, get on the sky train, and have your camera ready between the Pu Chao and Chang Erewan stations. Keep in mind that most of the windows of the train are covered in ads. To have a clear window, you should be either in the first or the last wagon.

Inside the museum, the center of the main staircase gives the best composition. If you want to be in the pic, make sure you have a wide-angle lens, and your photographer is crouching so he can get the zodiac ceiling in the picture too.

the elephant of-erewan-museum

When to visit

The museum is situated on the outskirts of the city, so it’s not the most popular attraction in Bangkok. To make sure you get all your photos free of people, I recommend getting there around the opening time or an hour or two before closing. Working hours: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM.
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Castaway Tip
The online ticket for Erawan Museum is always cheaper, especially if you book the combo one including Ancient Siam.

Lebua Hotel Sky Bar


Standing nearly 250 meters above Bangkok, Lebua’s sky bar is among the highest bars in the world and offers uncomparable city vistas. The Lebua Hotel is located near the Chao Praya river, and its bar was made extra famous by the movie “Hangover 2”. Great place to get a panoramic sunset picture and have a beer or two.

Photo spots in Erewan Museum

The bar is on the 63rd floor of the Lebua Hotel and all the spots around the rail are good.

When to visit

Sunset photo is the best photo to take at Lebua. Just have in mind that the bar is pretty famous and plenty of other people wants to make the same photo so it can get a little bit crowded.
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Talat Rod Fai Market Ratchada


Talat Rod Fai, also known as the Train Market, is one of the most popular night markets in Bangkok. No trains are running there though (the real train market is coming up next). The name comes from the original Rod Fai market situated right next to the train tracks on the outskirts of Bangkok.

Photo spots in Talat Rod Fai Market

The most popular spot is the one where you can get a landscape view over the hundreds of colorful tents. To get this pic, you need to go to the Esplanade Mall right across the market and reach level 4. Once there, find the car parking terrace.

When to visit

To take a great photo of the market, you need the tents to lighten up. The best time for it would be the Blue Hour (the hour after sunset) when you still have enough light to see the buildings in the back, but you also have the colorful tents sparkling. 
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Best Bangkok Photo Spots – On the Outskirts of Town 

Now that we know the most instagramable temples and spots around town, it’s time to see what do we have on the outskirts of town. Well, not everything down bellow is outside of the city, but everything is hard to get to and way off the popular tourist path (besides the floating market, that place maybe one of the best Bangkok Instagram spots, but it’s waaay overcrowded).

Mae Klong Railway Market


As promised above, here is the real train market. What do I mean by that? Well, there is a train going through the market. Let me repeat that – an actual train caring passengers pass through the market several times a day! How crazy is that?

The local vendors know the schedule and have made their stalls and awnings to be easily adjusted so the train can roll through. Watching the transformation of the place when a train arrives is genuinely a fascinating experience. 

The market is situated around 70km from Bangkok, and the easiest way to see it is via an organized tour. I used this tour that also includes the Damnoen Saduak floating market. The value is incredible, and you have plenty of time at both locations.

Photo spots in Mae Klong Railway Market

The most popular photo here is the train coming through the market. Make sure you have a good spot with as little tourists as possible around you. It’s popular to walk in front of the train for a photo. While this makes an impressive sight, it’s quite dangerous, and I don’t recommend doing it.


When to visit

Obviously, you want to visit the market when there’s a train there.

Train schedule:
Arriving at 8:30 AM 11:10 AM, 2:30 PM, and 5:40 PM
Departing at 6:20 AM, 9:00 AM, 11:30 AM, and 3:30 PM.
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Airplane Graveyard 


The airplane graveyard used to be an off-beaten city attraction, but since it’s one of the best Bangkok Instagram spots, it becomes more and more trendy. There are two semi-preserved planes there with parts of a few others lying around. A local family lives next to the airplanes and tax every visitor a fee.

Photo spots in the airplane graveyard

Besides the obvious selfie spot, there are two other photo ops worth mentioning. The first is the cockpit of the smaller aircraft. It is a bit hard but quite possible to get inside, sit on the pilot’s chair, and make a great selfie. The other one is the back of the big plane. To get your picture there, you need a photographer or a tripod with a remote shutter.


When to visit

To get the best light, get there early in the morning or around sunset. The place is not big, and you can do take most of your pics in less than an hour. Working hours: 9:00 AM – 6:30 PM
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Damnoen Saduak floating market


The most popular boat market around the city, Damnoen Saduak is definitely among the best Bangkok Instagram spots…even though it’s not exactly in Bangkok. 

Damnoen Saduak is quite hard to shoot. Don’t get me wrong, the place is very exotic with plenty of vibrant colors and iconic photo opportunities but getting there on your own, early in the morning is a bit pain in the a**.

The other way is to reach it is via one of the tours. They are cheap and give you plenty of time at the market, but you will arrive around 9:30 – 10:00 AM, when the place is swarmed with tourists and the light is not really good. Anyway if you decide to go there the easy way, here is a great tour I personally used and enjoyed. 

Photo spots in Damnoen Saduak floating market

The best photos are taken from one of the bridges crossing the canals. Make sure you also buy something from the boats and get a close up of the sellers. Grannies selling fruits are the best models of the floating market.


When to visit

To get the authentic atmosphere, try to be there before the tours arrive (9:30 AM).
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Ancient Siam


Ancient Siam, also known as Muang Boran Ancient City, is a vast open-air museum park, shaped in the form of Thailand and featuring 116 structures. Some of the buildings are duplicates of current landmarks, others are long lost masterpieces, but the best of all are the creative designs. 

The park is an absolute joy to explore and the biggest challenger to the Erawan Museum for the best Bangkok Instagram spot.

The only negative is that reaching it is a bit tricky. You need to take the sky train to its latest stop (Kheha station) and get a taxi for another few km.

Photo spots in Ancient Siam

There are plenty of photo opportunities around the park, but two of the buildings stand above the others. The first one is the Sumeru Mountain – a structure representing the center of the universe. The temple itself is nothing special, but combined with the giant Anondha fish that guards it is pretty impressive.

The other signature building is the Pavilion of the Enlightened. A group of opulent gilded pavilions that tells the story of 500 monks from different backgrounds who proved everyone can become enlightened and reach Nirvana.

Both of the structures are best filmed with a drone, but be careful with that because flying unregistered drones in Thailand can lead to severe punishments (including taking your drone).

Castaway Note
Ancient Siam is a cool place, but they have one significant problem- they still offer elephant ridings. If you decided to visit, make sure never to ride the poor animals or even taking a picture with them.


When to visit

If you go with the sole intention of getting a good photo, I suggest going there early in the morning and visit the two most photogenic buildings first. The park opens at 9:00 AM, and it has 116 buildings, so if you try to check it out first, you risk having poor light when you finally reach the cool places.
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Castaway Tip
The online ticket for Ancient Siam is always cheaper, especially if you book the combo one including Erawan Museum.

Dragon Temple


Wat Samphran or the Dragon Temple, is an 80-meters-tall, pink tower wrapped by a giant dragon. It sounds absolutely stunning, and it really is, especially on Sunday, when you can go through the hollow body of the dragon and reach the top.

Photo spots in the Dragon Temple

Although the temple is undoubtedly picturesque, to get a really awesome photo, you need a drone.

When to visit

The temple works from 9:00 AM till 6:00 PM, and since it’s 40 km away from Bangkok and not that popular, it’s almost guaranteed you’ll have a tourist-free experience. As I mentioned a dozen times already, the best light is in the morning and around sunset.
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That’s all from me, I hope you enjoy the best Bangkok Instagram spots!  
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