Hi there! I’m Slavi and I’m the Global Castaway.
From an early age, my childhood dream was to see everything. Recently I decided to see what everything means, so I did some digging and created the impossible bucket list of 1700+ ideas from all 196 countries in the world. I circle the globe now, checking adventures off the list while eating unhealthy amounts of pizza.
Follow my journey and get inspired to create your own perfect bucket list!

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The Peculiar Hanoi Bucket List

My peculiar Hanoi bucket list will take you to one of the most unusual cities on the planet and guarantee that you make the best of it. Being more than 1000 years old, Vietnam's capital is a unique blend of eastern traditions and soviet communism. It's a place where...

The Incredibly Colorful Lisbon Bucket List

The Lisbon bucket list is spectacular, knowledgable, tasty, but most of all - colorful. The pastel-colored buildings, the bright orange roofs, the stunning Azulejo tiles, and even the world-class street art - the Portugal capital has enough pigment to satisfy even the...

The Most Magical Bali Bucket List

If there's one word to describe the Bali bucket list, it would be magical. The Island of the Gods is this incredible fairytale-like place where watching the sun rising behind a volcano, diving with manta rays, and surfing on a black-sand beach is just the...

The Absolute Rome Bucket List

Your dream vacation is finally about to become a reality? Congratulations! It's now time to dig deeper and prepare your Rome bucket list. A poet once said that Rome was a poem pressed into service as a city, and I can't agree more. The Eternal City has...

The Most Awesome Southeast Asia Bucket List

Hey you! Yeah, you! Do you have a year or at least a winter free? If not, better find a way out of work because the Southeast Asia bucket list is the ultimate adventure, and missing it may result in a severe case of wanderlust. It would take you to...

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