Hi there! I’m Slavi and I’m the Global Castaway.
From an early age, my childhood dream was to see everything. Recently I decided to see what everything means, so I did some digging and created the impossible bucket list of 1700+ ideas from all 196 countries in the world. I circle the globe now, checking adventures off the list while eating unhealthy amounts of pizza.
Follow my journey and get inspired to create your own perfect bucket list!

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Pak Ou Caves, Luang Prabang: All You Need to Know

The Pak Ou Caves in Luang Prabang are one of the most famous sites in Laos. You can't go past a tuk-tuk and not get an instant Pak Ou Caves (or Kuang Si Falls) offer. Try having a walk along the river shore, and you'll get at least a dozen cave proposals. No matter...

The Best Temples in Pattaya

I'll start this one with a statement - the temples in Pattaya are criminally overlooked. The coastal town, famous for its blend of nightlife and family-friendly activities, is a top tourist destination that gets more and more travelers every year. While most of the...

Best Area to Stay in Bangkok – The Ultimate Guide

The "City of Angels" is one of the most colorful and fun cities in the world, and it's not surprising it ranks number one for foreign visitors year after year. Finding the best area to stay in Bangkok, though, is a little bit overwhelming. The capital of Thailand...

The Ultimate Bangkok Shopping Guide

My Bangkok shopping guide is carefully designed, researched, and tested (on foot) to offer you the latest information about one of the biggest shopping hubs in the world. I have to admit; I'm not a shopaholic. My guides are usually centered around city highlights,...

Bangkok off the Beaten Path – the Hidden Gems of the Angel City

With over 20 million travelers per year, the capital of Thailand is the most visited city in the world. And while most of those travelers end up seeing the same attractions, this post will take you to another journey - the journey of Bangkok off the beaten path. Don't...

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