Hi there! I’m Slavi and I’m the Global Castaway.
From an early age, my childhood dream was to see everything. Recently I decided to see what everything means, so I did some digging and created the impossible bucket list of 1700+ ideas from all 196 countries in the world. I circle the globe now, checking adventures off the list while eating unhealthy amounts of pizza.
Follow my journey and get inspired to create your own perfect bucket list!

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Inside Petra – The Ultimate Guide

Wandering inside Petra is undoubtedly one of the most impressive notches on my travel belt. The raw beauty of the ancient wonder is hard to compare to anything else in the world. I remember the first time I saw the "Rose City". I was around ten years old, and I was...

102 Adventure Quotes That Will Spark Your Wanderlust

See my ultimate collection of adventure quotes that will motivate you to forget fear and dive into the world!
Cause life without adventure is like pizza without cheese.

Visiting Angkor Wat – The Ultimate Guide

Visiting Angkor Wat is not as easy as it looks. Find the best way to see Angkor Wat and the other Siem Reap temples.
+ Bonus tips about missing the crowds!

Prague, Vienna, Budapest – The Ultimate Central Europe Itinerary

Prague, Vienna, Budapest: three of the most important cities in the glorious Austro-Hungarian empire, and three of the best places you can visit to experience the unique charm of Central Europe. Located very close to each other, but profoundly different, Prague,...

What NOT to do in Paris

Prepare for your French adventure with these 11 tips that shows you what not to do in Paris. See why you don’t need to buy bottled water and 10 other amazing tips.

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