Hi there! I’m Slavi and I’m the Global Castaway.
From an early age, my childhood dream was to see everything. Recently I decided to see what everything means, so I did some digging and created the impossible bucket list of 1700+ ideas from all 196 countries in the world. I circle the globe now, checking adventures off the list while eating unhealthy amounts of pizza.
Follow my journey and get inspired to create your own perfect bucket list!

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Top 15 Ultimate Indonesia Landmarks

Also known as the Emerald of the Equator, the Indonesian archipelago is one of the most Edenic places on earth. Home to thousands of tropical islands, majestic waterfalls, steaming volcanos, and thick rainforests, it's not surprising that two-thirds of the top...

Top 15 Ultimate Landmarks in Thailand

Being the dominant tourist destination in the region, it's reasonable to expect the top landmarks in Thailand to be on the next level. I'm happy to say they really are. From mystical ancient cities, through bizarre temples and jaw-dropping islands, Thailand's...

Top 15 Ultimate Portugal Landmarks

The top Portugal landmarks may not be the most famous ones in Europe, but they are definitely as exciting as them. A gothic monastery, a yellow castle, a fort at the end of the world, a medieval university, the most picturesque train station in the world, or a boulder...

How to Spend 2 Days in Bangkok – The Best Travel Itinerary

So instead of going straight to Thailand's beaches, you've decided to spend 2 days in Bangkok? That's a great decision! Bangkok is one of my favorite cities on Earth. It simply has everything. Opulent temples, vibrant nightlife, world-class restaurants,...

Sanctuary of Truth, Pattaya- A Complete Guide

When your job is to travel around the globe, you encounter so many architectural wonders that eventually you start thinking there's nothing in the world that can impress you anymore. Then you stumble upon something as magnificent as the Sanctuary of Truth, Pattaya,...

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