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Top 10 Interesting Facts About Qatar That Will Awake Your Curiosity

Top 10 Interesting Facts About Qatar That Will Awake Your Curiosity

These facts about Qatar turned out to be more interesting than I presumed. This middle east country has an incredibly bad reputation in the media, but since I try to differentiate my destinations with their politics, a short walk around Qatar was enough to spark my curiosity.

I know I sound like a bad BuzzFeed title but this place is so different than anything else I’ve visited.

Qatar is the wealthiest country in the world

interesting facts about qatar-rich

Not a fact that will surprise you. With its 124,927 USD per capita, it’s above European number one – Luxemburg and even above the Chinese gambling territory of Macau. No wonder they have the best airlines, bought Neymar in PSG, and are building nine new stadiums for the 2022 World Cup

It is also the safest country in the world

qatar facts-it-is-safe

If we talk about natural disasters at least. According to scientists, there is a 0.1% chance of earthquakes in Qatar, making it the number one safest country in the world.

Qatar is not really good for hikers

intersting facts about qatar-flat

Getting to the more interesting facts about Qatar now – like the one that the country is flat. Like seriously flat, there are no hills nor anything high there (except the skyscrapers). The average elevation is just 28 meters making it second (behind The Maldives) most flat country in the world.

And there are no trees

facts of qatar-flat

Yep, not even a single forest. Qatar joins the company of San Marino, Greenland, and Oman, as the only four territories in the world without forests.

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They have a giant teddy bear at the airport

qatar facts-teddy-bear

Created by the Swiss artist Urs Fischer – The Lamp Bear sits right in the middle of Hamad International Airport and awaits you to take a selfie with it. Apparently, it costs 6.8 million dollars. Pocket money for Qatar.

And a 100-meters long buffet

facts of qatar-buffet

The Doha Marriott has a literally 100-meter buffet that offers anything you can imagine.

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Qataris are city folk

qatar facts-city-folks

99% of the country lives in the capital of Doha. Since the other part of the nation is just desert and all Qataris are filthy rich, I’ve got a feeling the remaining 1% are quite fascinating people.

They have races from the future

qatar facts-camel-races

It’s time for the most interesting of the interesting facts about Qatar. One of the favorite sports of the locals is camel racing. Until 2004, they used kids as camel jockey however, It was determined it’s too dangerous (duh), and children were replaced by robots. Yep, there are robot camel races in Qatar!

You got spare change? I need to fill up my tank

interesting facts about qatar-cheap-petrol

Petrol in Qatar is extremely cheap. It costs more to buy two Starbucks lattes than to fill up your Grand Cherokee.

They have a Pearl

qatar facts-the-pearl

The last of my interesting facts about Qatar is a pearly one. Back in the days before they had found their natural gas and oil, Qataris used to earn a living by diving for pearls. Nowadays, an artificial island, shaped like a string of pearls, is created right on top of one of the most famous pearl diving spots of the past. It’s called…drumrolls…The Pearl.

That’s all from me, I hope you enjoy these interesting facts about Qatar
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Have you been to Qatar?

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Owolabi Pius

Monday 4th of September 2023

I just started to think of a country of destination that would be worthwhile to stay and work in, then a friend recommended Qatar. You have successfully captivated my interest all the more by your inspiring article, thanks. I wish to now explore the pathways that would lead me to achieve my desired dreams there. Please kindly guide me as well on how I may, as a foreigner, secure the visa and the work permit to enable me stay and work in Qatar. Thanks.


Saturday 26th of December 2020

Nice article thank for sharing. nice information too.

Ahmed burhani

Wednesday 16th of September 2020

Thanks for your article, i have been to Qatar, it was a short layover, had a round through The city,it was quite grand!! Of course they can afford to build 8 hecter urban forest plus other humongous things but there's a catch they are smart!! Perhaps The only rich m.eastern country to Cultivate a knowledge based economy by 2040....

Owolabi Pius

Monday 4th of September 2023

@Ahmed burhani, Thanks, your confirmation is great for me. Please kindly guide me, if you can, as a first-timer on how to secure a working visa to Qatar. Thanks.

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