The biggest city in Europe that is not entirely in Europe. Spread over two continents, Istanbul was an inspiration to authors like Agatha Christie, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and Dan Brown, and after I visited it I can see why. Here are my best shots from majestic Istanbul, Turkey.


Some interesting facts about Istanbul

– Shopping paradise

Istanbul is home to the biggest covered market in the world. In operation since 1461, The Grand Bazaar hosts more than 3000 shops.


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– There is no such thing as bad press

Back in the days of the Ottoman Empire, the city was famous due to having 1400 public toilets! Hey, when it’s about toilets, better to be famous for having too many than too little!


– Used to be Overcrowded

Istanbul was declared the most crowded city in the world in….1502. It hold its title till 1840 when London overtook it. I guess east Asian cities weren’t included in the lists back then.


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– It’s the capital of. . .oh wait

Even though it used to be a capital of three great empires – The Roman, Byzantian, and Ottoman, nowadays it’s not even the capital of  Turkey (that would be Ankara)


– City of Tulips

While the Netherlands are famous for their tulips, the tulip actually originates from Istanbul. The first tulip bulb was sent from the Ottoman empire to Vienna in 1554 and later redistributed to the Netherlands. Dutch loved them so much, they started growing them everywhere after that.


That’s all from me, I hope you enjoyed the beauty of Istanbul!
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